Jack Reacher Review


Release Date: December 21, 2012

Review Date: January 2, 2013

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Starring: Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins

The Filmster Rating:

Satisfactory Rating

Tom Cruise returns to action in this mystery/thriller as Jack Reacher an ex-military officer who serves out his own punishment to those who deserve it. The story starts off as an expert sniper takes aim and kills five innocent people and when the suspected sniper is caught and the evidence leads to an open and shut case the suspect calls for Jack Reacher. District Attorney Rodin(Richard Jenkins) and Detective Emerson(David Oyelowo) try to find out who and where they can find Jack Reacher, but Reacher shows up to their office unexpectedly to lend a helping hand on the case. Defense lawyer Helen(Rosamund Pike) who is the daughter of the District Attorney is defending the suspected sniper. Helen who doesn’t have a great relationship with her father because of the cases that he has won, she believes that he only chooses cases that are a lock for a win. Helen takes the case to go up against her father and to keep her client off death row. When Helen meets Jack Reacher he disapproves of her position on the case by telling her his history with the sniper and that the sniper is definitely guilty. Helen decides to hire Jack Reacher as a private investigator to work on the case, as Reacher works on the case he starts to unlock the conspiracy behind the sniper shootings.

Jack Reacher starts off with one of the most cringing moments in a film in recent memory. Director Christopher McQuarrie puts us behind the scope of a sniper as he watches and scans for his five targets. It was a heart racing experience as you wait for the sniper to pull the trigger, and every time the trigger was pulled your heart jumped and felt the horror for the victims. Right after this sequence of the film is where the film starts to take a bit of a dip, the reason for this is because the film doesn’t do anything original from the other films in the same genre. I’m not saying it was a bad film at all because it was definitely entertaining, mainly because of the performance of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher that carried the film the whole way through. Tom Cruise shows you as he gets up there in age that he still got it to pull off a physical role as his role in Jack Reacher. Of course with his charm and witty dialogue he leaves you with a smile on your face after almost every scene. For the rest of the cast, everyone does a solid job nothing great. Rosamund Pike does a good job but it seemed like her legs and breasts did most of the work, and it’s always a delight to see Robert Duvall on screen.

The story was good because of its mystery that kept you wanting to know the answers but even though at points it was a bit predictable. A failing point of the film was the films villain called “The Zec” which translates to “the prisoner”. We never get a full development of the character, all we get is a couple of scenes of a creepy character who just talks about on how he used to be a prisoner and how he survived by chewing off his own fingers. He was creepy and scary as a typical villain should be, but doesn’t really do anything. The true villain of the film was The Zec’s right hand man Charlie(Jai Courtney) who does most of the evil leg work throughout the film. The film ending was a bit disappointing, it didn’t build up to the climax that you wanted to it just ended up being a quick and a unsatisfying ending.

Jack Reacher delivers a solid mystery/thriller film, it wasn’t an action film like the trailer led you to believe. Still Tom Cruise shows that he can carry a film all by himself and so Jack Reacher leaves you with nothing else but entertaining.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“Jack Reacher may be too goofy, too silly, and too stupid for some of the more “demanding” viewers to get through their into their heads and accept, but as for the rest of the of us who like silly, goofy, and stupid movies, then it will definitely entertain”  – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

“It’s rare for a mystery movie to be rewatchable, but I’m glad this was the final movie I saw in 2012.” – Today I Watched A Movie

“Distinctly light and disposable, “Jack Reacher” isn’t a threat to reinvent the action genre. But it’s decently entertaining for those who are looking for some B Movie fun.” – Fog’s Movie Reviews

“This is a great story that was made into a good movie. Tom Cruise still has it.” – The Bishop Reviews


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5 responses to “Jack Reacher Review

  1. See, I’m a little more approving of this film than several because the parts were well done by all. Tom Cruise was great. And, yes, Rosamund’s looks did a lot of work for her, but I totally bought into her character. She reminded me of the DA’s on Law and Order and I felt the part was really made for her. Gotta give her props.

    a lot of people will miss out on this film because of the name “Tom Cruise” which is a shame. You’re right…it’s not the BEST action movie in the world, but it is def not bad either. “Satisfactory” is pretty fair! :)

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