Texas Chainsaw 3D Review


Release Date: January 4, 2013

Review Date: January 4, 2013

Director: John Luessanhop

Starring: Alexandria Daddario, Trey Songz, Tania Raymonde

The Filmster Rating:

Beware Rating

Following the events of the massacre in 1974, a group of townspeople burns down a farm house with leatherface and his family in it. A woman survives with her baby daughter but one of the townspeople kills her and takes her baby away and raises the baby with his wife. A few decades later Heather(Alexandria Daddario) who was the baby inherited a mansion from her late grandmother. Heather decides to take a trip to Texas with her friends to see her new home. Little did she know, along with the mansion she also inherited leatherface who survived the fire decades ago and begins his new massacre.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot wasn’t very good the prequel that followed that was the same mess, and the new Texas Chainsaw is even worse, makes you think why do they even bother. This time around they make a film that is a sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the best part of this film is the beginning where they show clips of the original Chainsaw film which I thought was clever. The story picks up right after those events and it was a pretty interesting story until later when it all falls apart. The big issue of the film is the morality or lack there of for the main characters. The sheriff and Heather the lead character make choices that leave you saying to yourself, what the f**k? This is where the story was a big confusing mess, it was a horror story that they try to mix with a revenge story and kind of make leatherface a hero at the end. The story is so bad you can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys by the end of the film.

The cast of this film doesn’t make anything better for this film. I’m making a statement that this is the worst group of young people in a horror movie. Lets start with the lead character Heather played by Alexandria Daddario, she was just dull throughout the film. The other female character was just there for her body not her acting skills, and let me not forget about Trey Songz. This is typical where a famous singer wants to make their acting debut, and they always have to do it in a horror film. In Trey Songz debut lets just say he should just stick to singing. All he did was be shirtless in the movie and listen to his own songs.

Texas Chainsaw was the worst horror film I have seen in awhile and its a shame because they keep making the horror genre worse and worse. There are a few bloody scenes and a couple of scares but not enough to save the film.

Blogger’s Thoughts

Filled with stupid characters, illogical actions, and gratuitous gore, “Texas Chainsaw 3D” is your typical, dumb horror remake. – Fogs’ Movie Reviews

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