Total Recall(2012) Review


Release Date: August 3, 2012

Review Date: January 10, 2013

Director: Len Wiseman

Starring: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston

The Filmster Rating:

Satisfactory Rating

A factory worker named Douglas Quaid(Colin Farrell) is unhappy with his life and feels that he should be doing more with his life. A new coworker gives Quaid a recommendation to a company called Rekall that will give him memories of a life that he wished he had lived. Quaid chooses the memories of a super spy and before his procedure goes underway the police interrupts and Quaid is now on the run from them. Quaid finds out that his real life is actually a legendary super spy named Carl Hauser, and his wife  Lori(Kate Beckinsale) is an undercover agent to keep tabs on him and is now chasing him down. With the help of Melina(Jessica Biel) a woman he has been having dreams of,  helps him with the conspiracy behind his memory loss.

Len Wiseman’s remake of the 1990′s Total Recall, has a lot of action and an astonishing creation of a new world, but what is it missing? The big factor that is missing in the film is the “fun”. Every great action film has it and every action film should have it, and Total Recall took itself too serious. The world that Wiseman creates at points is just astonishing and the CG quality can compete with the best of films. He creates a world that looks like that it could actually exist, and the action sequences keep your eyes glued to the screen the whole time. There is so much action that you have little time to breathe between each scene.

A film that looks good and has great action has no “fun” to it that leaves you with an underwhelming experience at the end. Colin Farrell gives a good performances but plays a character that you just couldn’t fall in love with because of how serious and dry the character was portrayed. Being that he was the hero he had no witty one liners and the few comedy moments had no “umph” to it. The always sexy Kate Beckinsale gave an kick ass performance makes you wonder why doesn’t she appear in more action flicks outside of the Underworld series. Jessica Biel delivers a good performance as the sweet and tough rebel and one of the best highlights of the film is Bryan Cranston.

The film was missing the humor and charm that you need in an action film and because of that this the film falls off the radar for most people. It such a shame because the film wasn’t bad at all but you felt like you were robbed of a great experience. The lack of “fun” and the inevitable comparison to the original, this film will never be considered great. With what the film has it definitely deserves a watch but what the film lacks it may have you not coming back.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“but overall there simply isn’t enough charisma and humor to go around to make enjoyable as a light-hearted romp and not enough weight and meaning to make it worthwhile as a serious sci-fi/action movie.” – Fog’s Movie Reviews

“With plenty of fun action to keep your mind wired and wonderful special effects to keep your eyes glued onto the screen, Total Recall does it’s job in being an entertaining piece of Summer action, but what it does suffer from is barely little or no surprises whatsoever in the story, and just sort of pales in comparison to the original Arnie classic that is still fresh in peoples minds” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

“Total Recall impresses with its computerized visuals but not by much more. Loaded with many different cliché action sequences, in more ways than one I guarantee “You’ve seen it all before.” While it is not a bad movie, I do recall (pardon the pun) watching far better science fiction movies…including, as Fogs’ Movie Reviews states, the original Total Recall.” – The Focused Filmographer

“I probably won’t buy it when it comes out on DVD, but I still consider it one of the better films of 2012″ – Today I Watched A Movie

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6 responses to “Total Recall(2012) Review

  1. Good review Issy. This film was a whole bunch of fun and even though it was very predictable, I still turned my brain off for a good 2 hours and enjoyed myself. Also, can’t go wrong with a cast like Biel , Beckinsale, Farrell, and Cranston , just to name a few.

  2. hey, thank you for the kind mention here my friend. Yeah, I’ve def seen better than this film…it couldn’t find its own identity IMO and borrowed heavily from so many other sources, including, but not limited to, Minority Report, The Fifth Element, the original Total Recall and more.

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