Premium Rush Review


Release Date: August 24, 2012

Review Date: Janaury 31, 2013

Director: David Koepp

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dania Ramirez, Michael Shannon

The Filmster Rating:

Satisfactory Rating

Wilee(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) a bike courier who rides a bike with no brakes and gears comes across a delivery that will put his life in danger. Detective Monday(Michael Shannon) is a corrupt police officer that has his back to the wall because of a debt he owes to Chinese gangsters. Monday makes a deal if he can retrieve an envelope that is being delivered, his debt will be washed away. After, Wilee finds out the importance of the envelope and with the help of his girlfriend Vanessa(Dania Ramirez) Wilee must race to the delivery destination before Monday can get his hands on the envelope.

Who knew that watching a bicycle movie would be kind of fun to watch. The film had a predictable story but had enough action for you to enjoy the film. As of late, Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do no wrong and here playing as Wilee he does a solid job, not his best role. Being that the main hero’s  name is Wilee and references were made to the coyote, this film for the most part plays out the same way as the coyote trying to catch the road runner. Wilee being the roadrunner and Detective Monday being the coyote, Wilee slips out of his grasp every time. It was interesting to learn about what seems to be one of NYC most dangerous jobs a bike courier and the film succeeds in teaching you about the job. Especially on the aspect that nobody takes the job for money but for the adrenaline rush they get because of the danger of the job. The highlights are when you follow Wilee as he rides through the streets of NYC, and his vision of finding the safest route was a pretty cool aspect of the character to watch. Even though, the story was predictable it told the story in a flashback point of view that made it fun to watch and kept you intrigued in how the story was going to unfold.

The biggest part that bothered me in the film was the antagonist Detective Monday, and his clichéd character as a corrupt New York police officer. Though the character at times had a few funny moments but he was just a weird character through out and didn’t really act like a cop would. The action scenes were done pretty good but at moments the unrealistic CG cars would a appear and take your focus away for a while. Of course its the story that doesn’t keep you involved the whole way through, it was just predictable and typical for the hero where he wins at the end and everything works out for him.

Premium Rush has a lack luster story but has enough bike action for you to enjoy the ride.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“Premium Rush gives the audience the type of escapism fun that they need around the dog days of August, but almost ruins itself with a convoluted plot, over-the-top acting from Shannon, and a terrible script that just gets worse and worse as it goes along, almost until the point of where you just want these people to just ride their freakin’ bikes and shut the hell up!” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

‘Between their charisma and the pulse pounding bicycle sequences there’s plenty to recommend here. Even though the movie has numerous shortcomings, there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be found in it.” – Fog’s Movie Reviews

 “I’m taking a stand and saying that this ‘bike chase’ was the most over-rated, frustrating disappointment of 2012…a few exciting moments, albeit loaded with repetitive content doesn’t make up for allowing poor Michael Shannon to be lost in a convoluted plot with no substance and presenting an unfathomable story that nobody believes in.” - Filmhipster


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