A Good Day To Die Hard Review


Release Date: February 14, 2013

Review Date: February 20, 2013

Director: John Moore

Starring: Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch

The Filmster Rating:

Beware Rating

John McClane(Bruce Willis) returns in the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise, and this time McClane heads to Russia after hearing that his son Jack(Jai Courtney) is on trial for killing a political figure. When John runs into his son, he discovers that Jack is a CIA operative working to prevent a nuclear weapons heist. John teams up with Jack to take the organization that is after the nuclear weapons.

Bruce Willis returns as the legend John McClane but in the worst installment of the beloved Die Hard franchise. The reason for this film being what it is, starts with the mistake that the studio made by hiring the people behind the project. With a franchise as such as Die Hard, you would think the studio would hire a director and a writer with impressive resumes to keep the franchise relevant or even better than ever. No, what they chose were an above average writer and director in John Moore and writer Skip Woods. John Moore only directed four films before this one, and has a couple of decent films as The Flight of The Phoenix but two abysmal films as in Max Payne and The Omen. Skip Woods wrote a few decent films and his best may have been The A-Team, and these are the culprits who pretty much killed the Die Hard franchise. I am all about giving people a chance but in this situation they could have done better.

One reason this film fails in so many ways is how they handle John McClane. In the previous four films, John McClane is a man who gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and as his duty as a cop he tries to rectify the situations. John McClane never thinks he is bigger than the situation, he just kills the bad guys and saves the day. In A Good Day To Die Hard, they make John McClane an egotistical maniac who just wants to run around and kill people just for the fun of it. The dialogue written for John McClane in this film was just absurd, it was as if they made him the annoying sidekick just ranting out ridiculous lines. Granted, there were some moments where he said some funny things but for the most part it was terrible.

The second reason this film is a waste is because the lack of a villain with a purpose. In all the films before this, they all had a villain with a master plan to execute whatever they were after. In this film we don’t get any of that, we barely even get to know the villain and to top it off they had a twist in the plot that was so poorly executed that you don’t even care when it happens. The poor story and poor character development in this film is what really cripples the film.

The few upsides in the film is of course the action, Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney. Some of the action was pretty cool to watch, even when most of  it was done by CGI but it looked great on the big screen. As annoying as John McClane dialogue was, Bruce Willis still did a great job playing his legendary role mostly because he is Bruce Willis and this was the role he was born to play. Whether the film is good or bad it’s always fun to watch Bruce in the John McClane role, and for his counterpart Jai Courtney plays a solid hero after we saw him play a solid villain in Jack Reacher. It will be curious to see how Jai Courtney does in a film with a top-notch script to see how good he really is, because so far he seems to be solid but does shows a lot of potential.

A Die Hard film should always get a proven director and writer that would know how to treat a storied franchise as such as this one. Instead, we got the worst and probably not the last in the franchise, but hopefully in the future the studio will learn from their mistakes and deliver a film that the franchise deserves.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“This was a lifeless experience for me, sadly, and it was upsetting to see it happen to the “Die Hard” franchise.” – Fog’s Movie Reviews

“A Good Day to Die Hard: a step up from some of the more recent action films and installments of the Die Hard franchise. An unnecessary sequel except to serve as a memory eraser for the sequel before it.” – The Focused Filmographer

“Not as bad as some say, but still the worst of the Die Hard series and to be honest doesn’t really feel like a Die Hard film.” – Tim’s Film Reviews

“Everything that you would want from a Die Hard movie is barely here, except for a couple of quick-quips that are funny and action set-pieces that catch your eye, but that’s just about it. Be ready to be upset, people.” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

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14 responses to “A Good Day To Die Hard Review

  1. I knew this was going to be bad but the reviews have been abysmal. I’ll probably wind up catching this when it hits TV or just skip it completely. Nice review.

  2. This is not what I expect from my Die Hard movies, unless they totally blow. That being said, it’s an okay action movie but nothing as special as the rest of the Die Hard franchise. Once again, thanks for the linkage and solid review boss.

  3. the action was fun here. ha

    I have to disagree with your first reason though. John McClane still ended up being the guy in the wrong place at the wrong time just like the rest of his movies and he wasn’t really trying to go around and kill everyone so much as proving himself to his son and keeping them both safe.

    that being said, it’s still not a GREAT movie…by FAR! ha. But I had fun watching the action despite its many flaws

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