A Filmster Quickie: Unforgiven


Release Date: August 7, 1992

Review Date: March 7,2013

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman

The Filmster Rating:

Top-Notch Rating

Synopsis: The town of Big Whisky is full of normal people trying to lead quiet lives. Cowboys try to make a living. Sheriff ‘Little Bill’ tries to build a house and keep a heavy-handed order. The town whores just try to get by.Then a couple of cowboys cut up a whore. Unsatisfied with Bill’s justice, the prostitutes put a bounty on the cowboys. The bounty attracts a young gun billing himself as ‘The Schofield Kid’, and aging killer William Munny. Munny reformed for his young wife, and has been raising crops and two children in peace. But his wife is gone. Farm life is hard. And Munny is no good at it. So he calls his old partner Ned, saddles his ornery nag, and rides off to kill one more time, blurring the lines between heroism and villainy, man and myth. – IMDb

Review: This 4 Oscar winning film Unforgiven directed by Clint Eastwood is absolutely a masterpiece. The cast were at their best with Eastwood, Freeman and Hackman. The tandem between Eastwood and Freeman was impeccable as they both seem to have great chemistry in films together. Gene Hackman as the tough sheriff delivered one of his best performances, just a marvelous performance to see. The story is what rides the high horse in this film and delivers on expressing death as the theme of the film and how each character is influenced by it. Eastwood picked up a thing or two from Sergio Leone, as the cinematography and shots of this film were magnificent. Great film from beginning to end, even though it has its slow moments the acting keeps you entertained and the ending is one of the best, as the big showdown between Eastwood and Hackman is unforgettable. It is a crime on my part giving this film such a short review because its an incredible film that deserves more.

Recommend?: Yes, to everyone whether your a fan of Westerns or not.

Add To Your Collection?: An instant classic that everyone should own.

How Much?: I got a used great condition special edition from F.Y.E. for less than $10.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“It’s definitely a “Movie That Everyone Should See”. – Fog’s Movie Reviews

“With a couple of misfires, Unforgiven still makes a wonderful Western film, that has more story, and better acting than your normal Western. This is certainly my favorite Western of all-time, and shows that Clint Eastwood surely can make masterpieces.” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

“If this really is Eastwood’s last ever western, then what a high note to go out on.” – Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop

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12 responses to “A Filmster Quickie: Unforgiven

  1. Reading the IMDB synopsis makes this one seem like it would be kinda corny (Big Whiskey, Little Bill, The Schofield Kid…). Thankfully not. This is actually one of our writers’ favorite Oscar winners of all-time.

    Thanks for the quickie! (cut the jokes, you titled these “quickies” just to see people type that!) :)

    • Thats one thing I loved about the film is all the silly names. Such a great movie. The “quickie” I knew everyone was gonna get a kick out of it. Thanks for reading.

  2. Good review Issy. It’s got the age-old look at Westerns, but with a realistic and more humane depth that really helps out the moral of the story.

  3. Great review. I remember in ’92 that people were screaming for Nicholson to win the Oscar for A Few Good Men – I was beyond happy that it went to Hackman instead. One of the great performances.

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