Movie Battle: Watchmen vs. Sin City

Welcome to…Movie Battle! The place where two films go head-to-head and you the people will choose the winner!

Last week’s battle between two of 2010’s popular movies, Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, I thought it would turn out to be a close battle but it turned out that Kick Ass does kick ass! And Kick Ass unanimously defeats Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with 73% of the votes. Even though Kick Ass is a fun and great movie but ultimately I just prefer Scott Pilgrim a lot more. But, hey you guys choose the winner, so congrats to Kick Ass!!

This week I am going to continue the comic book adaptation films. Both of these films are two of the most visually striking films that you will ever see. Both films provide some unforgettable characters and stories that will make you go out and get the graphic novels.


Are You Ready?!

Now for the Introductions…take it away Fink!


In the blue corner: 300’s Zack Snyder brings Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ critically acclaimed comic book to big screen…I present to you Watchmen!!!!!!


In the red corner: Robert Rodriquez and creator Frank Miller brings this Eisner Award winning comic series to the big screen…I bring you Sin City!!!!!

Watchmen vs. Sin City

Now lets hear from the experts….

“A hard piece to adapt in the first place, Watchmen provides a lot of action, good performances, and pretty cinematography to hold you over” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

“Bleak, cynical, bereft of the typical happy trappings of superhero movies, “Watchmen” stands out amongst its superhero movie brethren almost as much as Alan Moore’s comics stood out in the early 80s.” – Fog’s Movie Reviews

“It all works on a believable level with convincing characters (except one, none of them has any form of super human powers) who inhabit a bleak and convincing, alternate modern world, making it probably the best comic book adaptation I’ve seen so far.(Watchmen)” – Marked Movies

Now lets take you to The Tale of The Tape….

TOT Watch vs. Sin

The Filmster’s X-Factor:


Rorschach! He is one of the best Watchmen characters and played so well by Jackie Earle Haley. Rorschach is one of the reasons why the Watchmen comics and film are so good.

The Filmster’s Pick:


Watchmen all around has the best characters and a much better story. Rorschach is a character that everyone can root for and the open credits of Watchmen was a brilliant idea by Zach Snyder.


Now it’s up to you to pick the winner!

Let the battle begin!!!!

Who Will You Choose?

Lets hear your thoughts in the comments down below. Thank you for participating and spread the word!

33 responses to “Movie Battle: Watchmen vs. Sin City

  1. Had to go Watchmen. More epic… I have the Ultimate Uber edition or whatever they called it, where they edited all the Black Freighter cartoon stuff back in. It’s awesome. :D

    These films are well paired though, nice Battle! :D

    • Yes! Watchmen is much more epic! I have the same Watchmen Ultimate collection makes the film even that much better. Thanks for participating.

  2. Sin City for me, would never want to watch Watchmen again, couldn’t connect to it at all. Sin City I really loved and can’t wait for the sequel.

  3. Watchmen for me. Jackie Earle-Haley’s character is the big difference to me. Although I did like Clive Owen a lot in Sin City. Good matchup. :)

  4. Watchmen, not even close for me. Did such a great job on adapting Dr. Manhatten to the screen, excellent performances by Jackie Haley (Rorschach) and Jeffrey Morgan (Comedian) and a better overall plot than Sin City, in my opinion.

  5. Watchmen ALL THE WAY!!!! I think people that didn’t “get into it” weren’t familiar with the source material – which I get and understand. If you were – this was a brilliant adaption of the comics.

  6. If you look at the movies themselves, and ignore the source material, Sin City was the winner. The cast, the visuals, and even the story of Sin City were excellent. Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed reading everyones opinion on the matter.

  7. Watchmen was a surprise to me.its one of the best comic movies I’ve seen. You did an Excellent job on this topic izzy

  8. I went with Watchmen, it was a tough call because when I first watched it, I didn’t end up finishing it, but as I got more into the background stuff, I enjoyed it a lot more. I still need to re-watch Sin City. While I don’t have the ultimate Watchmen edition, I do have the 3 disc Sin City. Good match-up.

  9. Watchmen is great all around by Mr. Moore this is why the Movie come off so Crispy!! I feel like the storyline was more in depth in Watchmen every element was covered as oppose to Sin City where the visuals really drove the movie for me. Watchmen definitely won that hands down.

  10. Sin City for me. Shows a more realistic face of society and Marv played by Mickey Rourke is awesome and badass. Benicio del Toro’s performance as Jackie Boy was amazing in my opinion, and it has an awesome soundtrack. Although, don’t think this was an easy decision for me. I love both movies.

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