Evil Dead Review


Release Date: April 5, 2013

Review Date: April 8, 2013

Director: Fede Alvarez

Starring: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas

The Filmster Rating:

Grand Rating

Over the years the horror genre has been the laughing-stock of Hollywood, by pushing out terrible B-movie films even the ones to the big screen. It seems now that it is a genre for first time directors and actors/actresses to get their first start in Hollywood and with the inexperience, a bad film is turned out at the end. I just hope that one day the horror genre can showcase the magic that it had during the golden years in the 80′s and 90′s. All it takes is that one movie to come along to change it all and Evil Dead maybe the one. It claims to be the scariest film ever, even though it does fall short of that statement but its bloody fun and the best horror film in years.

Mia(Jane Levy) who is struggling with a drug addiction, is taken to a cabin in the woods by her brother David(Shiloh Fernandez) and three other friends Eric(Lou Taylor Pucci), Olivia(Jessica Lucas) and Natalie(Elizabeth Blackmore) to help her through the withdrawal of her drug addiction. While their care for Mia, she is not handling the cold turkey process well and she starts to complain that there is a bad odor in the room that nobody else smells. The dog starts to scratch away at the rug on the ground and underneath the rug, the group discovers a door to the basement. As they head down to the basement they make a gruesome discovery and the source of the bad odor, where dead cats are hung in the ceiling and what it seems like a witchcraft gathering has been taking place. Eric discovers an object that is wrapped in barbed wire and he takes it with him. Curious of what is wrapped up in the barbed wire, he cuts it open and finds that it is a book with weird writings and demonic pictures. He uncovers a passage that he reads out loud and releases an evil force in the woods. Mia having problems dealing with her withdrawal tries to drive away from the cabin, but has an accident and short after she is taken possession of the evil force in the woods. Her friends bring her back to the cabin, and there the evil spirit inside Mia releases hell on everyone in the cabin.

One interesting aspect of Evil Dead, is the story and why the five friends come to the cabin in the woods. It’s interesting they don’t come to woods to have a good time, but to help one of their friends to fight a heroin addiction. By doing this it just adds a personal and emotional aspect to the characters, especially to Mia and her brother David. Also, metaphorically it adds a layer to Mia as she fights her demons on drugs and later how she fights a real demon. People who hasn’t seen the film will ask, is it scary as they claim? Well, that depends on what scares you, but if its jump scare moments that we are judging it on, then, no. What makes a good jump scare moment is the suspense, and the film lacked in that, which took away that scare factor. Making up for the lack of scare was all the cringing, bloody and gruesome moments that will make the toughest guy look away from time to time. The practical effects are at its best in this film and director Alvarez captures it magnificently. Everything was thrown into this film, nothing was held back and your tolerance of blood and body dismemberment was put through the ultimate test. The acting was solid throughout, no one really stood out except for Jane Levy towards the end. The story and the script had its problems but it was all given a pass because of everything happening on the screen. The fan boys of the original The Evil Dead will find the enjoyment in all the nods it gives to the original throughout the film. It is a thrill ride from beginning to end that will leave all horror fans with a smile on their face.

Evil Dead will no doubt become a cult classic with the new generation, as it succeeds in standing at its own as a remake while paying homages to the original. It may not be the scariest horror movie ever but its one of the most daring and fun ones ever, and definitely the best horror film in over a decade.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“Evil Dead” will certainly delight all fans of horror. It’s gory, and gruesome; soaked in blood and filled with dismemberment, all in the best of ways. It’s a great remake and a great horror film.” – Fogs’ Movie Reviews

“Evil Dead” worked for me not only as a solid modern-day remake but as one of the better horror pictures to come around in years. It looks like Raimi and Campbell’s tried and true formula still works today.” – Keith & The Movies

“Fede Alvarez’s assignment to gross the f@ck out of the audience passes with flying colors (albeit blood red) but disappointingly missed the fun and nail-biting magic of the original.”- Filmhipster

“Despite all these gripes, the fact of the matter is that a 7 is no Verdict to scoff at and there’s a good deal worth commending Evil Dead for.” – Cut The Crap Movie Reviews

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22 responses to “Evil Dead Review

  1. I loved it – but it lost a star in my book when Mia said “Feast on this MF’er!” at the end. That was just lame; it seems like Hollywood always has to give a female hero a corny line involving the F word anytime they are about to deliver a final death blow to the villain. It’s just not necessary. Action speaks louder than words. I may feel different if it was actually a strong line delivered, but there rarely is – just make sure the “F” word is included and somehow Hollywood suits think it comes across hip and cool.

    That aside I loved the intensity here, and plan to go back to watch again this week. And Lou Taylor-Pucci did a good job. I’ve been saying for a while that he looks to be an actor with a lot of star potential; I think this role could be his breakthrough.

    As far as best horror in the last decade not sure about that; it was good, and I’d put it on the list – but have you watched many european horror films? Have you seen “High Tension” or “Inside” or “Martyrs”? Also, I think “Cabin in the Woods” was about as good. The last act of Cabin in the Woods was awesome! :)

    • I didn’t mind the line too much it was a bit corny and the wide shot of her sawing away at the demon while the house was burning behind them was great. Cabin in the woods was great I loved it but I think Evil Dead is a much more intense film. I have to check out more of foreign horror films but as far as mainstream horror film this was as good as it gets in a long while. Thanks buddy always great to get your thoughts.

  2. Glad to see you loved it, Issy! It did not disappoint me. I only saw the original about two weeks ago, so I was fairly excited for it before that time, but I was really really really excited to see it for those two weeks. So awesome!!

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