The Filmster Wonders: More Traffic

The Filmster Wonders

Welcome everyone to this special feature ‘The Filmster Wonders…’ where I have questions about topics that I have wondered about and I ask the blogosphere these questions and try to get a discussion going.

My last installment I asked everyone on how they felt about views, likes and comments and it started a great discussion and thank everyone who chipped in with their thoughts. Today’s topic we will talk about traffic to your website. There are many blogs out there who gets tons of traffic through their sites and most recently Fogs’ at Fogs’ Movie Reviews hit 500,000 views, that is amazing! My site is not even a year old yet and the first few months I started I was struggling to get any traffic through my site. My site has gotten better but it still doesn’t get a ton of traffic.

So I ask the blogosphere for advice, tricks, strategies or your secrets on how to pull in traffic to your site?

My one advice to pull traffic to your site is collaborate with other bloggers. That is how I got my traffic going.

So please share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading and participating.

21 responses to “The Filmster Wonders: More Traffic

  1. I wish I knew…..

    I just try to like and comment on as many sites as possible and hope they’ll return the favor. Check out bloggers who also like posts that you like and if you don’t know who they are give them a follow. I also use Facebook and Twitter for post updates and Reddit when it lets me. We don’t have a huge amount of views but I’m pretty happy with it.

  2. I’m not really in it for the hits – I am more in it for the community (and keeping my brain fresh with creativity) and meeting people like you and Brian there and Tyson and such : ). I think a lot of people get a bunch of hits using Social Media – and pimping themselves out : )

  3. Such a difficult question to answer. In the long term, you just have to build up relationships with people through the various blogging platforms, social media, etc. In the short term, posting stuff to Reddit can get you loads of traffic if you play by their rules. It’s a tough one. It just depends how much time you’re willing to spend on it.

  4. I will ‘like’ this post and comment on it in hopes of generating some traffic to my site ;) Is that self-serving? Basically, that’s the only way I know how to draw traffic to Let There Be Movie. Ahem, that’s :) But seriously, using social media like creating a FB page helps a little. We have trivia stuff on our page in hopes people will visit the page and follow the link to our blog. Plus, when folks comment on a page, their friends see that on their news feed and maybe become interested in our page and blog.

    • I try to visit pages and like them and comment and it does help with the traffic. I guess I just have to work on the social media. Thanks for your insight.

  5. Oh wow, man. Sooooo many things to say. Keeping in mind that 500,000k is a matter of perspective (while it may wow you, I’m sure many of the bloggers we know are WAY beyond that) here’s some quick thoughts. You’re always welcome to email me too, Issy, or any of you who read this if you want to go deeper via email.

    1) You will never GET views unless you WANT views. You need to be your own PR department/carnival barker. You will not get visited over night by the Page View Fairy. It requires work ON TOP of what you do just to create content/keep up with comments, etc.

    2) There’s no substitute for time. All blogs will start out slowly, you have to stick with it.

    3) Reply to all comments as quickly as you can. People WILL check back, when they do you want them to have a reply waiting for them.

    4) Provide every possible option for people to follow you. Email, facebook, twitter, google plus, etc… then try to increase your followers on those medium. They’ll see when you post, and hopefully, appear on your blog.

    5) Make as many friends amongst other bloggers as you can.

    6) Take your shots with Social Sharing tools like Reddit and Stumble Upon. 99% of the time you will fail, but that 1% will bring thousands of pages views.

    7) Join blog network sites like The Lamb,, etc etc and find people there with like interests and helpful tips.

    As much as that feels like a monstrous reply, its really just the tip of the iceberg, I’ve been trying to drive page views for almost two years now, I’ve learned a lot.

    But I felt I had to share SOMETHING decent if you were going to praise FMR in the intro and whatnot. LOL ;)

  6. I agree with Fogs, and I’ll add a few things. A big part of traffic aside from marketing is content. One (other) reason why Fogs gets so many views is because of his content. New release reviews from opening weekend (or earlier when possible) will always net the most views. Other populist content are things like all-time favorite movies, lists, and up to date movie news/gossip. Those kinds of posts will always get your more traffic than reviews of older/more obscure movies.

    But the more important thing is to enjoy what you’re writing about. Even if scouring the net for up to the date movie news brought you 10x the amount of traffic, but you didn’t like doing it, it’s not worth it. When I started my site it was slow going, but was constantly building traffic and then at some point it stalled out at a lot lower than I expected it to and has stayed that way ever since. I was disappointed about it at first, but I eventually realized that I’m happy where I’m at because I enjoy the writing and I’ve got a small but steady community that I enjoy.

    And besides, most traffic is hit and forget random search traffic that doesn’t really matter.

  7. My biggest success has come with The Movie Weeks. I get close to 1,000 views just in those 7 days. It also helps to build better friendships with bloggers. Not only does it bring in new visitors, but it gets a lot of people to comment and like.

    Do you plan on bringing back The Roundtable? I loved the first two.

    I really don’t have any advice. I’m just really lucky when it comes to views. Don’t get me wrong, some months were terrible, like December 2012. I think you just have to keep moving on even when the numbers look bad. If one person reads and likes a page, I try to be happy. Every other person is just a bonus.

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