Movie Battle: A 4-Way Battle Between 4 War Films


Welcome to…Movie Battle! The place where two films go head-to-head and you the people will choose the winner!

Last week’s battle was Movie Battle first 3 0n 3 match up, Marvel vs. DC. Since Marvel had the most characters, they ended up the winners with 73% of the votes. Batman couldn’t do it all by himself so in a future battle his partner the Man of Steel can join him, and we will see if this match up can shift. Either way, congrats to team Marvel!

This week there is another first time battle and it’s a 4-way battle! Movie Battle brings you 4 of the best war films ever made that were directed by some of the best directors in film history. When you ask anybody what is their favorite war film, 9 out of 10 it is usually one of these war films. 3 of the films takes place during the Vietnam War and 1 takes place during World War 2, and two of these films will pit father and son against each other! This will be an epic battle since they are the 4 biggest war films with Hollywood’s biggest names. So, the question is…


Are You Ready?!

Now lets take it down to The Fink for the introductions…


First contestant, coming in as #81 on IMDb’s top 250 list and with an Oscar nomination for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, we bring you…Full Metal Jacket!

Full Metal Jacket Poster

Second contestant, coming in as #144 on IMDb’s top 250 list and with 4 Oscars won for Best Director, Best Film Editing, Best Picture and Best Sound. Directed by Oliver Stone, starring Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe and Charlie Sheen, we bring you…Platoon!

Platoon Poster

Now for the third contestant, coming in as #35 on IMDb’s top 250 list and with 2 Oscars won for Best Cinematography and Best Sound. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, starring Martin Sheen and Marlon Brando, we bring you…Apocalypse Now!


And last but not least, the fourth contestant, coming in as #37 on IMDb’s top 250 list and with 5 Oscars won for Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing, Best Film Editing and Best Sound. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon, we bring to you…Saving Private Ryan!

saving private ryan poster

The 4-Way Battle

War Films Battle

Now lets hear from some of our experts…

“Spielberg’s war movie is famed for its half hour long opening scene, portraying the D-Day assault on Omaha Beach. It’s widely regarded as the greatest battle scene ever filmed.” – Fogs’ Movie Reviews

“Platoon is a powerful and effective film that shows the American Soldier fighting in The Vietnam War for what they are, backed by incredible performances from Berenger, Sheen, and mostly Dafoe, and because Stone has a wondeful knack for writing and directing especially when it comes to creating an emotion.” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

“A triumph in filmmaking, Full Metal Jacket is a picture not to be missed.  With its diverse selection of characters and elaborate direction, the movie succeeds in moving the audience and ranks as one of the best war films of all time.” – Cinematic

“Apocalypse Now Redux is a masterpiece.  I have seen the original non-Redux theater cut before but it wasn’t until I saw this “uncut” version that I can make this assertion.  Why a masterpiece? Because it is many things all at once in a series of haunting surreal images that can eat at you from start to finish.” – Margaret of the North

The Filmster’s Pick…


With the best opening war scene ever, I have never seen a war film that felt so realistic and puts you right into a heart pounding and jaw dropping battle. People will argue that the middle of the film is not as good, but I disagree as the rest of the film portrays some really good acting and cinematography.  Also, it leads to some great war scenes at the end of the film.


Let the battle begin!!!

Which war film is your favorite?

Which war film is the best?

Thanks for participating. Spread the word and share through twitter, facebook etc.

21 responses to “Movie Battle: A 4-Way Battle Between 4 War Films

  1. Yea, I agree. Its Apocalypse Now. The other movies were great, dont get me wrong. We all know war is hell because of bullets and bombs. Apocalypse Now cut through and captured what the soul was like from war. Remember its based off of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Apocalypse Now went much deeper then any of those war movies. There all Great Films :)

  2. I can’t decide, so I am not voting, but wanted to give a like to the article and drop a comment. I liked all 4 films probably equally. I thought they were all good, but none of them are my personal favorites, but that’s just me as a lot of others on here passionately state their enthusiasm for whichever is their personal favorite. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  3. Going with Full Metal Jacket on this one. All great movies, but that’s the one I find myself returning to the most. Such an awesome classic (yes, even the second half!).

  4. I’m with you Issy, Saving Private Ryan. Apocalypse Now probably does better at getting into the psyche of war, but I think SPR is a better all-around story with more characters to relate to or like.

  5. Just came by from Fogs Link Bomb. I’m looking around and seeing what’s here. Saving Private Ryan’s first half hour beats two plus hours of everything else here.

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