Iron Man 3 Review(Spoiler Alert!)


Release Date: May 3, 2013

Watched: May 3, 2013

Review Date: May 9, 2013

Director: Shane Black

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce, Ben Kingsley

The Filmster Rating:

Good,But Rating

Robert Downey Jr. returns to his third and final Iron Man film and ends his Iron Man run on a bad note. As many other people, I was anticipating this film and had very high expectations. After reading a lot of positive reviews from the blogosphere world, my expectations got even higher. Sadly, after watching the film, though I was entertained but I was also highly disappointed. Iron Man 3 was a comedy movie posing as a superhero movie, though Shane Black has a talent for writing but he nearly destroys the Iron Man franchise.

“Marvel’s “Iron Man 3″ pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?” – IMDb

Iron Man 3 does for the most part what a summer blockbuster is supposed to do, and that was to entertain. Yes, the action in the film were great, from Tony Stark’s Malibu house being destroyed to the end where you see all his suits in action. Visually, the film was pretty amazing. Robert Downey Jr. once again soars as Tony Stark and it would be hard in the future to see anybody else play Tony Stark. Robert pretty much owns that role. For the rest of the cast, they were all great especially Guy Pearce and also Ben Kingsley. I should say they did a great job working with what they had because both characters were completely mishandled.

My first issue with the film was how they handled the story of Tony Stark being out of the Iron Man suit. I understood what they were going for but he was out of the suit for a long period of time in the film. He was barely in the Iron Man suit and to top it off they had Pepper Potts dawn the suit at one point. Yes, it is a good idea to explore the man under the suit but at the end of the day its an Iron Man movie, and we want to see Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit kicking ass! A big entertaining part of the film was how funny it was and I admit a lot of it was funny, but it seemed like everything was a joke and it undercut the serious tone it try to have for Tony Stark. I mean everything was a joke, even unknown henchmen were being funny. It was great fun but it went to far at some points and especially when it came to The Mandarin.

It was a shame what they did with The Mandarin in this film. In the Iron Man mythology, The Mandarin is Iron Man’s number 1 nemesis, the same as The Joker is to Batman. So, if The Mandarin is such a big character in the Iron Man world, so why did they destroy The Mandarin character in this film? It was completely stupid how they portrayed him in the film, The Mandarin was never real he was just this burned out drug addict actor who was used to cover up the real truth behind the so-called terrorist attacks. Why? The character was intriguing I wanted to see more of what he can do. Nope, Shane Black robbed us of that experience. Besides from them ruining an important Iron Man character, the majority of their advertising campaign was Ben Kingsley playing The Mandarin. The posters and trailers led me to believe something that was not going to happen. Shane Black played a big sick joke and I was highly offended by it! Well not really offended but it was frustrating to say the least.

So, now the big villain behind The Mandarin’s fake terrorists attacks was Guy Pearce’s character Aldrich Killian. This character was under developed from the beginning of the film. They never explain his motivations and you never get the full sense of what his big master plan is in the film. You know what he is doing in the film but at the end what is he trying to gain? At one point he is trying to kill Tony Stark but then later he needs his help. They don’t even explain the extremis power that he and his henchmen possess. Overall he made for a very disappointing villain in a superhero film. Pepper Potts got to much of action in the film, she got to wear the Iron Man suit and she gets powers at the end and gets to kill the main villain. What was that about? Iron Man doesn’t get to kill the main villain in his own movie? For Rhodes and his Iron Patriot suit was pretty much of a waste since he doesn’t do much with it in the film.

Iron Man 3 had its entertaining qualities but at the end it falls in the same pot as films like Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand, as for disappointing superhero films. For the casual moviegoers this film won’t bother them at all but the fan boy in me just can’t fully accept this film.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“Were it not for my pre-existing affection for these characters, and the big budget spectacle of it all, I’d be tempted to call this film bad outright. As it is, it’s still a big movie, loaded with visual effects, telling a story about characters that I’ve liked in other context, both in comics and prior films.” – Fogs’ Movie Reviews

“This instalment is part 3 for a good reason, Iron Man 1 was fresh and fun, 2 just went off the rails a little and with 3 they seemed to try and re-direct it back on course, but only managing to keep it on the curve.” - BETTERTHANIMDB

“Ultimately, Iron Man 3 was fun to watch, albeit a tad disappointing. Themes of continuation, what’s important in life, what’s worth fighting for and more permeate throughout alongside Stark’s fight against terrorists both foreign and domestic. Not as bombastic as the first but will definitely be received much better than the second.” – The Focused Filmographer

Comments are much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

21 responses to “Iron Man 3 Review(Spoiler Alert!)

  1. I’ve got your back, Issy, this one was a let down. And definitely fell to the curse of the third movie! I’m 110% behind you with your Mandarin gripes… it makes me wonder what’s happened to the internet, have we gone soft? In days of yore, Black would be getting villified for what he did, but there’s nary a peep about it. :(

  2. Hmm. I liked the film a lot and for me, the twist with the Mandarin was inspiring and a very good sort of twisted – then again, I only know Iron Man from the films so I’m definitely not as informed.

    Though I agree that it lacked some things – your next to last paragraph gets it right and these were the main issues for me, too. I saw it for the second time today and I’m still very confused about what the whole EXTREMIS thing was about.

    • Thanks for thoughts. Yeah the whole Extremis story line was very vague. They needed to go more in depth with Guy Pearce’s character and his Extremis storyline.

  3. Nice review Issy. I didn’t feel strongly-enough to go to bat for it, but I will say that it is a bit of a disappointment in terms of where this franchise could have gone.

  4. Thanks for putting up the *spoilers* warning. :) I liked this pretty well, but I’m not a comic fan as you, and Fog’s are, so I can definitely understand why you guys would be upset. I guess Christopher Nolan is going to have to work as a consultant on every superhero franchise now! lol.

    Hey, they rebooted Spider-Man quickly – maybe they will reboot Iron Man and use The Mandarin in the first installment the way he was intended to be in the comics. Adrien Brody could play Stark. :)

    • That would be great if Nolan can take control of all superhero films or even Joss Whedon. I don’t Adrian Brody as Stark well then again its hard to see anybody else as Stark.

  5. That’s an awesome poster by the way. Seems like most people more familiar with Iron Man really dislike this movie while people only familiar with the films like it better. I’m still somewhere in the middle.

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  7. “The posters and trailers led me to believe something that was not going to happen.” — excellent point made there man. I actually accepted the ‘twist’ with Mandarin, but this line you wrote is completely valid, it makes me rethink what Shane Black did. I’m not exactly sure what made him think that would be an acceptable change, since it basically echoes Generation iPod’s sense of not taking life too seriously — “I mean everything was a joke, even unknown henchmen were being funny.” In some ways, Iron Man 3 really pissed me off, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Good entertainment. But controversial for sure. Great write-up.

    • Yea I was pretty upset about the twist, mainly because I was really digging the way they were presenting The Mandarin. But, overall the film was a let down for me but I do want to rewatch it to see if my opinions would change. Thanks.

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