The Filmster Wonders: Steven Spielberg’s Box Set

The Filmster Wonders

Welcome back everyone to The Filmster Wonders! This is where I’ve been thinking of something and I share it with you the readers and try to get a discussion going.

Now, for this installment is about Steven Spielberg and the fact that he does not have some sort of box set of his films. I have searched and found nothing, maybe someone can correct me on that. Anyways, there is a Alfred Hitchcock box set that collects all his films for the retail price of $300, but of course you can get it for half the price on Amazon.


So, I was thinking, what if they came out with a box set with all Spielberg’s films? He has directed almost 30 films, if I counted right he has 28 films right now. But think about when he stops directing, how many films will he have by then? What if you add in the films he produced or even written?

spielberg collection

(I don’t know if this is a real box set)

My questions to you guys are:

How much would Spielberg’s box set with all his films cost?

Would you buy it?

Would you prefer a Spielberg box set with specific films you like?

Why isn’t there any type of Spielberg box set?

What do you even think of Spielberg?

Join in and lets hear your thoughts.

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7 responses to “The Filmster Wonders: Steven Spielberg’s Box Set

  1. With ALL his films… that would have to cost as much as if not more than Hitchcock’s. I’m actually surprised there is a set with all of Hitchcock’s. I wouldn’t buy one with all of Spielberg’s, but I might buy one with, say, 6-8 of his best, or at least that I like, assuming I don’t already own the DVD which is unlikely.

    What would be cool for him is a few different box sets. Split it up by genre, or buy award winners, something like that.

      • In my Spielberg box set would be one from every genre: Saving Private Ryan, Close Encounters, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Catch Me If You Can, and either Lincoln or Schindler’s List… probably Schindler’s.

        A few films are interchangeable within a genre. War Horse instead of SPR, or Jaws instead of Jurassic Park, or E.T. instead of Close Encounters.

        Lot to choose from!

  2. Just FYI, the Alfred Hitchcock box set doesn’t collect ALL his films, just some of his biggest and best. 15 in all. I own it. ;) Great great set btw, I’ve gotten a lot out of it.

    I probably wouldn’t buy a Spielberg box set because I already own so many of the films individually. I imagine they could make a comparable $300 version though.

  3. I don’t think he should have a collection, unless I am mistaken Hitchcock is known for his horror,Spielberg is known for generally making solid pieces of cinema,it would be feel like a very random collection if you purchased it and ignored the maker,it’s a credit to diverse skill as a director but I would imagine his titles split a lot of his fans, he is a whore to the box office! :)

    • Yea, you make a good point, but there should be a box set at least with his best films. A box set with 5 of his films would be good.

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