Man of Steel Review


Release Date: June 14, 2013

Watched: June 14, 2013

Review: June 17, 2013

Director: Zack Snyder

Starring: Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams

The Filmster Rating:

Top-Notch Rating

Man of Steel delivers on its story and action to make it one of the best superhero movies ever. Snyder, Goyer and Nolan gives Superman a movie that it deserved for a long time.

While the world of Krypton is on the brink of destruction, Jor-El(Russell Crowe) a scientist tries to advice the counsel on how they can save their race. Their meeting is soon interrupted by General Zod(Michael Shannon) who planned a coup d’etat against the counsel. After a battle breaks out Jor-El manages to steal the Krypton codex and instill it into his new-born son Cal-El. Jor-El soon after sends his son off in a spacecraft that is headed to Earth. General Zod kills Jor-El but is finally stopped and sentenced to exile in the phantom zone. Without Jor-El’s guidance Krypton is destroyed with all its inhabitants.

Cal-El known on Earth as Clark Kent(Henry Cavill) was found and raised by Martha and Jonathan Kent. While growing up Clark is struggling with his powers from his Kryptonian bloodline. After, the death of his adopted father Jonathan, Clark goes on a journey to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. Clark learns about Krypton history and his powers when he discovers a Kryptonian ship in the Artics. General Zod and the Kryptonians he was exiled with are the only remaining Kryptonians alive and they head to Earth to search for Clark. Zod makes a demand to Earth, if they don’t hand over Clark, than Earth will be destroyed. But Zod has a hidden agenda to turn Earth to a new Krypton by killing millions of humans, so Clark now Superman must stop Zod and his people.

Man of Steel provides one of the best origin story to a superhero since Batman Begins. The biggest complaint that most people have about Man of Steel, is that it is too serious. I absolutely agree with it but they did everything absolutely great in the film that I am willing to sweep it under the rug. Plus an argument that I would make is, that the film takes place in a part of Clark’s life where he is struggling with a lot of issues. The look and color palette of the film keeps the movie grounded and realistic. The first 30 mins of the film with Jor-El and Krypton was absolutely astonishing. Not only do we see how Krypton is like but we also see Russell Crowe in action as Jor-El and he owned that role.

A lot of Superman’s mythology that was added or changed made Superman’s story so much better. Some of it added some logic to Superman’s story to give it the realism that Nolan is trying to do with the DC universe. A begin complaint about Superman Returns was the lack of action, but in the Man of Steel Snyder doesn’t hold anything back. The action was big and it was great to watch Superman in action. The flight scene with Superman was dazzling as you watch him blast off in supersonic speed as he breaks the sound barrier.

Henry Cavill makes for the perfect Superman inside and outside the suit. He good looks and physique made for a great Superman but he also hit all the emotional moments that just takes Superman to a whole other level. Amy Adams as Lois Lane was good but she seemed to lack the certain “sassiness” that Lois possess. Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner as both of Clark’s fathers did a fantastic job. Crowe delivers in action and Costner delivers in every emotional moment. Michael Shannon was imposing as General Zod. Man of Steel is a near perfect origin story for Superman that sets up perfectly for its following sequels.

Man of Steel is one of the best superhero movies that is getting some unfair critiques. I guess it shows that people like a funny poorly written story like Iron Man 3 but overtime people will realize how super Man of Steel is.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“As long as you go into the movie theater knowing this was more of a comic book/Saturday morning cartoon type of film, that was small on drama; it will entertain you.” – MovieJoltz

“Overall, though Man of Steel tries to go for too much it is on par with The Avengers.  It is a successful retelling of a story we are all familiar with set in a world we can believe exists.” – Victor’s Movie Reviews

“While it won’t become a classic like Richard Donner’s version has, Man of Steel may turn out to be an admirable start to a potentially fantastic series of Superman films.” – Cinema Train

“This is an overall good action movie, but one must remember that this is an origins story and will definitely have at least one sequel.” – Let There Be Movies

“A reboot was well and truly needed for this franchise with the awful Superman Returns attempt a few years ago and this totally blows that away” - Let’s Go To The Movies

“Snyder’s fantastic instincts for action and spectacle are abundantly clear, but a complete lack of humor coupled with a surprisingly weak script makes it hard not to feel a little bit disappointed by Man of Steel.” – Rorschach Reviews

“Despite the flaws I’ve pointed out, there are still a LOT to love in this film. So yeah, I still LOVE Superman and Man of Steel certainly did not dampen my love for the character.” – FlixChatter

“Man of Steel has a Zack Snyder look and feel with a Goyer/Nolan story, and if that is something that appeals to you then Man of Steel is your film.” – Tim’s Film Reviews

“the film looks remarkable and the actors impress, but the stories plot is too heavy and the characters are as black and white as a 1950′s George Reeves episode” - Filmhipster

“Though it definitely starts off great, with just enough attention to exposition, character, story, and heart, Man of Steel eventually takes a detour into the loud, action-y, stupid, and brainless exercise that we’re used to getting with superhero movies” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

“With all of that said, “Man of Steel” is an epic, dramatic superhero film with great special effects, powerful action scenes, and a new iteration of one of the greatest superheroes of all time.” – Fogs’ Movie Reviews

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30 responses to “Man of Steel Review

  1. Good review Issy. I wasn’t so disappointed with this one that I left the theater pissed off to high heavens, but I was still wondering if there was more that could have worked here. Still, I can’t wait to see what they got to cook up next for this franchise.

  2. Nice write-up. But I can’t say that I agree with you on it! This just didn’t do it for me… on Cinema Train, I replied to Garret’s review by saying that there was too much ‘whoosh’ and not enough ‘hmmm’ and I still think that’s true. There’s also that basic problem (well in my mind!) with Supe compared to most other superheroes in that he doesn’t really have a true dark side that he has to battle – no epic internal struggle – and I think that makes it hard for me to love him. He’s just too damn pure and nice ;)

    Still, I really, really hope they push ahead with a Justice League film!

    • Didnt this movie change that aspect of Superman? He is not a dark character but its ok if he is in a dark situation especially in this part of his life. I think the success of this movie will anchor the justice league movie. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out.

    I like the way you did the synopsis chronologically and only tell us what we already knew from the trailer. You enjoyed the film more than me, but we both are on the same page with Cavill’s, Costner’s, and Crowe’s performances.

  4. Great review. Mine just went up today and it seems we share many of the same thoughts. Personally I loved the more serious tone. It set it apart from all of the other superman movies we’ve been given. I really responded to that. I had a lot of fun with this.

  5. Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen a movie get the “TN” before! :D

    I wasn’t as blown away by it as you were, but I have to admit it was good. Cavill was great as the new Superman, we’re in good hands with him in the role going forward!

  6. Thanks for the link Issy! I’m glad you love this one. Top notch rating, I LOVE it!! Yeah I think the critics are perhaps so jaded w/ superhero movies that they couldn’t see there’s so much heart in this one beneath some of the bombastic elements. I think this was well-written and well-acted all around. I love what you said about Cavill, “[His] good looks and physique made for a great Superman but he also hit all the emotional moments that just takes Superman to a whole other level.” AMEN! :D

    • Thanks! Yep this movie is being treated unfairly but I think overtime people will change their feelings about it. Henry Cavill was perfect as Superman. I already cant wait for the future films.

  7. I am TOTALLY with you man! I’m frankly kinda tired of all the “too serious” and “too much action” complaints. Loved almost every tweak made to Superman’s origins and I for one am very happy they gave his struggles, trials, etc. a chance to be shown in the serious light it was. Great review, and thanks for the shout out to Let There Be Movies!

  8. Nice Review.
    I’m also surprised at people complaining about it’s heavy emotional drama, given that there are some light moments in the film. Not as much? Maybe not. But just enough to provide some relief to the tension.

    The scene where Clark returns home is such a great moment with Diane Lane, and it shows us their relationship, despite how brief.

  9. I wholehearted agree with Rorschach Reviews’ comments on Man of Steel. The lack of color, humanity, and general humor made the film very difficult to invest in. Why is the first credible, Superman-like joke we hear in the last five minutes? Why is every color so muted? Where are the smiles, for crying out loud?

    That, and the strange Jesus-symbolism that entirely defeats the purpose of a *universal* savior-type character (and goes against the fundamental idea that Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster came up with so many years ago), really made Man of Steel hard to love.

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