A Filmster Quickie: The Heat


Release Date: June 28, 2013

Watched: July 2, 2013

Review: July 3, 2013

Director: Paul Feig

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marlon Wayans

The Filmster Rating:

Grand Rating

Synopsis: Ashburn, an FBI agent is extremely ambitious and has her eye on a promotion but she doesn’t get along with her co-workers. She is sent to Boston to find out who an elusive drug dealer is by getting to the man who is fronting for him and is told that she’ll have a good shot at the promotion if she finds the dealer. When she arrives in Boston she learns that the dealer has been eliminating his competition and taking over their operations. She learns that a dealer is Boston PD custody and goes to see him to ask him what he knows about the dealer but is warned that the cop who arrested the dealer, Mullins is very territorial. And she is not exactly sociable. When the two meet they don’t get along. When Mullins learns what Ashburn is in Boston for decides to find the dealer herself. Ashburn is told by her boss to work with Mullins but won’t be easy because Ashburn does things by the book while Mullins does things her way. – IMDb

Review: The Heat is no original buddy cop movie except that the two cops are females but the film turned out to be surprisingly funny. This is a movie that has a story that you have seen a million times, with two completely opposite cops working  together who don’t get along at first but by the end they are best friends. What makes this film so much fun is Melissa McCarthy but that will depend if you’re a fan of hers, because if you are you will love this film. Just about everything that came out her mouth was absolutely funny. Sandra Bullock was a great compliment to McCarthy, they both seem to have a lot fun and great chemistry. There wasn’t much of a supporting cast so for most of the film both leads has to carry it and they don’t disappoint. With the lack of comedy as of late, The Heat comes out as a diamond out of the bunch. An unoriginal film but McCarthy makes it all worth your time.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“Anyone who finds Melissa McCarthy funny will be left in stitches by this film. She’s uproariously offensive, and Bullock plays the perfect foil. I hope that the get a chance to reprise these characters, I would happily attend a second movie!” – Fog’s Movie Review

“There’s nothing very new or exciting about its plot or the Odd Couple relationship dynamic that it revolves around, but the comedic talents of the cast alone make The Heat a serious contender for best comedy of 2013.” – Rorschach Reviews

“The Heat featuring an overly-familiar plot you can see coming from a mile away, Bullock and McCarthy’s chemistry and comedic-timing is working so well, you almost forget about all of the problems from direction, to editing it has.” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

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7 responses to “A Filmster Quickie: The Heat

  1. Lol, I’ve been getting so much shit for giving this one a really good score, I’m really glad to see that you enjoyed it just as much. Great review!

  2. Yeah, I don’t think I liked it as much as you did, but it was better than I thought it would be – and I was cracking up at the animal jokes! lol.

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