Pacific Rim Review

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Release Date: July 12, 2013

Watched: July 11, 2013

Review: July 13, 2013

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Starring: Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi

The Filmster Rating:

Grand Rating

Guillermo del Toro showcases his inner child by unleashing one of summer’s biggest and amazing film to the big screen. Pacific Rim takes us back to our childhood and reminds us how giant monsters and robots battling is so much fun to watch.

Out from the bottom of the pacific ocean, giant monsters called Kaiju rise and attack cities around the world. In order for the human race to survive, countries come together to create a program, to create giant robots called Jaegers to defend their cities. One person is unable to control a Jaeger so a two pilot process was put into place. The two pilots minds connect and drift into one, and so, they are able to successfully control a Jaeger. For years, the Jaegers have been successful in defeating every Kaiju that they come across. Pilots have become rock stars and the most famous pilots were Raleigh(Charlie Hunnam) and his brother.

On a routine mission, the brothers set out to defeat another Kaiju. This time around the Kaiju has become smarter and stronger, so the brothers become overwhelmed and are defeated by the Kaiju. Raleigh survives the attack but his brother was killed by the Kaiju. Raleigh able to control the Jaeger by himself reaches land and for the next five years, he spends his time in isolation. Many of Jaegers are being defeated and destroyed, only a handful Jaeger robots still exist. The higher-ups shut down the Jaeger program but Stacker Pentecost(Idris Elba) keeps the program going. Pentecost in need of a pilot that can control a specific Jaeger model, he convinces Raleigh to once again to control a Jaeger.

Raleigh has a special bond with Mako(Rinko Kikuchi) the best trainee to become a pilot. She becomes Releigh’s co-pilot even though she has a dark past that can hinge her abilities to work as a pilot. Dr. Geiszler(Charlie Day) and Gottlieb discover critical information about the Kaiju and they help Pentecost to come with a plan to stop the Kaiju once and for all. The plan is to get into the Kaiju home world and set off a nuclear bomb, that will severe their connection to the human world. The team set out with their Jaegers but do they have enough firepower to destroy the Kaijus?

Guillermo del Toro was given the chance to make was his inner child always wanted and it shows on the screen. Pacific Rim is jaw-dropping visual effect  with vibrant colors and some of the best CGI that I have ever seen. Pacific Rim contains the best robots vs. monsters battles that you are ever going to see on a big screen. Every punch and smash hit leaves you so astonished that you just never want the battles to end. What sets Pacific Rim back, is its thin story but it won’t matter because all you want to see are the big battles. The story is filled with the usual tropes and some the characters comes across very cartoonish. I think this was done on purpose by del Toro as he pays homages to Japenese robot animes and giant monster films.

One of the best things about Pacific Rims, aside from the robots and monsters, is Idris Elba and the character he plays. He showcases how he is one of the best actors out there and his screen presence is impeccable. For Charlie Hunnam playing the hero, does an admirable job but its his counter part Rinko Kikuchi that plays Mako and she comes off a bit weird and silly. Charlie Day and Burn Gorman play the wacky scientists, they can be a hit or miss for you but they do bring some of the laughter in the film. Ron Pearlman makes a long cameo and he is by far the most “cartoonish” character in the film but he was a lot fun. You had a few of the cliché characters that you would expect in these films. The different pilots that controlled different Jaegers were the type of characters you would see in Japenese anime. You have a team of blonde hair russians and a team of triplets that controlled a three arm Jaeger. They were cool but they never delve into this those characters which I thought they should have done.

The battles were astonishing and beautiful to look at and as much of kick-ass moment that you would want. Guillermo del Toro showcases some of the best CGI that you will ever witness. The story and the human interactions is what keeps this film from being Top-Notch, but at the end you won’t care because the robots and monsters will completely satisfy you. Pacific Rim really shows how a summer blockbuster should be.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“Snobby cinephiles will no doubt look down on Pacific Rim because it is hokey, but through del Toro’s want to make something filled with wonder emerges the most perfect blockbuster in a long long time.” – Films With Cappie

“The graphics, special effects, soundtrack , storyline, characters, action, destruction (that rivals that of Man of Steel) and more make this one Colossal Cinematic Experience that is not to be missed. It is, indeed, “two thousand five hundred tons of AWESOME!”” – The Focused Filmographer

This is definitely one of the most fun I’ve had this year watching a movie!” – FlixChatter

“Even though it may be del Toro’s weakest in a long while, Pacific Rim still offers you all the bang for your buck that you need, especially with the constant battles between aliens and robots, but if you want anything more like character-development or heart injected into the material, you may be a little lost.” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

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15 responses to “Pacific Rim Review

  1. Good review Issy. It’s a very fun movie in the sense that it knows what it is and doesn’t try for anything more, but I still wish that del Toro paid a bit more attention to characters.

  2. Great review! If someone were to ask me, Did you have fun in that movie? The answer would be definitely yes. I think that’s all that matters with this movie. It was pretty great!

    • Exactly! Sometimes you just got to let go and enjoy a movie. This movie does wonders. I am surprised at people who don’t like it. Thanks!

  3. THANKS for the link, Issy. GRAND is the word, LOVE it!! I wasn’t expecting great character development, so it was enough for me in that regard as the movie makes up for it in awesome SFX and sense of fun!

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