We’re The Millers Review


Release Date: August 7, 2013

Watched: August 7, 2013

Review: August 8, 2013

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts

The Filmster Rating:

Good,But Rating

We’re The Millers will be regarded as “dumb” comedy but if you turn off your brain for a 109 mins, it will surprise you and give you some good laughs.

David(Jason Sudeikis) a drug dealer, manages to get all his money and inventory of marijuana robbed from some local thugs, when he tries to help his geeky neighbor Kenny(Will Poulter). Now, David is in debt with his boss Brad Gurdinger(Ed Helms). Thinking he was going to be killed, instead his boss offers him a deal to erase the debt. The deal is David must go down to Mexico and pick up a “smigde in a half” of marijuana and bring it back. David is hesitant at first because he knows just by his appearance, he will caught at the border. David doesn’t have a choice so he must figure out a way of getting in and out of Mexico without getting caught.

David gets a bright idea of creating a fake family, thinking law enforcement won’t think twice that a family would be smuggling drugs across the border. David quickly recruits for his fake family and chooses to take Kenny as his son, Rose(Jennifer Aniston) a stripper who lives in his building as his wife and Casey(Emma Roberts) a runaway girl as his daughter. The Millers are created and they head down to Mexico to pick up what they thought to be a “smidge and a half marijuana”, winds up being a RV full of marijuana. Now, the adventure of The Millers to get the drugs across the border and to its destination ensue and they will get a family vacation that they will never forget.

We’re The Millers is a witty, subtle, dumb, slapstick comedy and depending on your taste of comedy, this will be viewed differently by everyone. It doesn’t bring anything new to comedy other than its somewhat unique premise of a fake family smuggling drugs. For the most part, it works as you watch this fake dysfunctional family all snapping jokes at each other. Your going to get all kinds of jokes that will be hit or miss, but, most of it does hit its target. At times there at moments where they could have taken the comedy to over the top but somehow they keep it a bay and it doesn’t offend you and it becomes some of the memorable moments in the film.

Jason Sudeikis was overall funny as the leading man and looked to have great chemistry with Jennifer Aniston, as she also delivers in some of her comedy moments. She also gets to strip it down, as it, was a nice sight to see for the male audience but overall it was an unnecessary moment in the film. Emma Roberts had her moments but it was Will Poulter as Kenny that stole some of the moments playing the geeky virgin teen. The movie does take a while to get to its funny moments and the film is very cliched and predictable.

We’re The Millers becomes a bit charming and lovable with its characters, after you experience their crazy road trip. The laughs are scattered out but it does have some laugh out loud moments. You won’t call it the best comedy you have ever seen but it does enough to not waste your time.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“We’re the Millers satisfies on some kind of mindless entertainment level, but if that’s a compliment, I don’t mean for it to be.” – digitalshortbread

“Don’t expect We’re the Millers to win you over right away, it takes time and a force of will, but once it’s charm starts moving, and the cast begins to get more involved with the material, then you’ll have a fun time, laughing-while-holding-your-belly and all.” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

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8 responses to “We’re The Millers Review

  1. Good review Issy. I know I’m most likely alone in this boat, but I laughed more than I expected, or that I wanted to. It wasn’t working for a solid 30 minutes, but once it got moving and found it’s footing, then I began to laugh and have fun. Much to my surprise of course.

  2. great, fair review Issy. you’re right in pointing out that there are some jokes that definitely land, while some miss. i guess more missed for me, and shamefully i have a pickier sense of humor, if that makes any sense. it’s good to see someone enjoy this, i really really wanted to but felt like everything came far too forced. i didn’t like how quickly they put the Millers together as a family — if that had been dragged out more that could’ve been comedic gold. still, a fun time.

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