Elysium Review


Release Date: August 9, 2013

Watched: August 9, 2013

Review: August 11, 2013

Director: Neill Blomkamp

Starring: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley

The Filmster Rating:

Good,But Rating

Neill Blomkamp returns with a his new Sci-Fi film Elysium, which he makes it a summer blockbuster action film oppose to a thought-provoking film as his District 9 film.

In the year 2154, Earth has become a big slum village where all the poor live and the rich and wealthy, live on a perfect man-made space craft called Elysium. On Elysium, the residents live with no sickness, do not age and can never die and for this the people on Earth attempts suicide missions to get to Elysium, and fail almost every time. Max(Matt Damon) a reformed criminal works in a factory where he has an accident and is exposed to radiation, and has only five days to live. Desperate to live, Max turns to his former boss to get a ticket to Elysium so he can heal himself with an Elysium technology. The ticket comes with a price and Max must hijack important Elysium information from the brain of a corporate CEO. To help Max move around he is installed with a machine that gives him superhuman abilities.

Max succeeds in stealing the Intel but is now being hunted down by a psychotic government agent Kruger. Delacourt(Jodie Foster) who is Elysium’s Secretary of Defense and Kruger’s commanding officer, wants Max captured to retrieve the Intel that will help with her plans to take over Elysium. Max is running out of time and his actions can eventually change the two world’s completely.

Elysium, just as in District 9 presents a beautiful and great looking Sci-Fi film. Elysium does bring a more action packed film but that is where the problems come in. Blomkamp fails to give you a strong story and a more thought-provoking film as he did in his first film. The theme was there but he didn’t explore it, as much, as he should had. The lead character Max is someone you don’t care for too much even though, Matt Damon plays him pretty good but overall it’s a selfish character whose story ends in a clichéd and predictable way. Jodie Foster had a good presence but wasn’t given much to do as she isn’t in the film much. Max’s love interest in the film felt forced and just plays as a crossing bridge for Max’s story arc and it felt unnecessary. Sharlto Copley may come across as an over the top villain, but for the most part succeeds in playing the psycho adversary to Matt Damon.

What Blomkamp fails in his story, he succeeds in everything else. He still does showcase that he is one of the best, if not, the best Sci-Fi film director in Hollywood. The action sequences were done very well and the world of Elysium looked fantastic. Car designs very much reminds you of films like Mad Max. Moments where guns, grenades and force fields are used, are where it gives you some of the best moments in the film.

You won’t leave Elysium thinking about its underlying theme as you do in District 9, but the beautiful visuals and the action will satisfy and entertain Sci-Fi fans. Blomkamp might have taken a minor step back but still showcases that his is one of the best young talents in Hollywood.

Blogger’s Thoughts

“Elysium is worth checking out for some of the spectacle, and it is still a decent enough sci-fi action film, but I can’t help but feel let down by how run of the mill it wound up feeling to me.” – Fogs’ Movie Reviews

“Elysium packs a punch with its raw action and astounding visuals. Its certainly not a drawn-out affair. Clocking in at an hour and thirty-seven minutes effectively compacts a large-scale movie into a small-sized package” – digitalshortbread

“Despite featuring most of the same ideas and points Blomkamp studied, and did a lot better with, in his first flick, Elysium still grabs ahold of you with it’s compelling, emotional story, continues to work it’s tension up, until it’s about to practically explode and take you down with it. That’s a good thing, by the way.” – Dan The Man’s Movie Reviews

13 responses to “Elysium Review

  1. Good thoughts Issy. Hopefully I’ll catch this soon. I was surprised to read that Foster isn’t in it too much, she seemed to be spotlighted in a couple trailers I saw.

  2. Nice review Issy. Could have definitely been better, but I still had a great time with this. I guess it’s just because I loved the look and feel, that I was sort of able to get by all of the ham-handedness of the script.

    • Yea Im with you with the look and feel of the movie, for that I really like the movie. I just had to take some points of for the story because I think Blomkamp is better than that.

  3. Pretty fair eval man! I really do have to disagree with you about Jodie Foster though — as surprising as it is to say, I thought she was the worst part of this. Wasn’t her fault though, the script def let her down and didn’t give her much to do, which is what I can see is a major problem with this. The villains all became confusing at the end. At the end of the day, I enjoyed the epic-ness of it all. Could have had improvements, and District 9 is the better one. Good review

    • I thought she was good in her brief moments even with her wierd accent. I still enjoyed it even with the weak story. D9 is the far better film. Thanks.

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